Located at the top of the Queen Anne Hill and  across the street from Eat Local,  we are here to service the neighborhood with a wonderful atmosphere, great service and best of all……..Delicious Seafood!

The Five Hooks Fish Grill is here to make dinner meals a breeze for the folks of the Upper Queen Anne neighborhood. Freshly prepared healthy seafood alternatives is just blocks away from your home. Feeling like staying at home? Well we have just what you need! Piping hot take-out meals in the comfort of your home, without the hassle of shopping, prepping, cooking and cleaning up after a tough day, should be left to the Five Hooks Fish Grill. We are just a call away from preparing your to-go order in a timely and efficient manner.

If your time is better spent with quiet conversation with your family or significant other, we are here to serve your local draft, wine by the glass or bottle, or your favorite cocktail with dinner.

Serving naturally sustainable seafood, where Omega 3 fatty acids are natural and not an additive and where “Gluten Free” comes naturally in our grilled selections, clam chowder as well as our seafood stew.  There are just about as many Gluten Free options than not.

Our fryers use only Canola and Rice Bran oil instead of the commodity vegetable oil (soy bean oil) that most restaurants use today. The oil we use does not have the TBHQ additive to stabilize and extend the oil life and came about with the banning of trans fats. TBHQ is used in baby skincare products, lacquers and varnishes and in my humble opinion has no business in the food. The FDA has allowed limits of 0.02% of total oils in food to be Tertiary Butylhdroquinoine and is commonly used in crackers. We are TBHQ Free at the Five Hooks!!

Always feel free to let our friendly servers know of any specific preferences you would like changed on your meal. We will make it our duty to make sure that the taste and quality of your meal is not hindered when asking for “Gluten free”, “Dairy free”, or other dietary options.

Whether it be wheat allergies or just eating healthy, Five Hooks Fish Grill created an awesome “Gluten Free” free selections for your  well being. All of our grilled options are naturally GF. This includes our salmon, swordfish, ahi tuna, true cod and prawns. Our complimenting items like our seasoned brown and white rice, Cole slaw, seaweed salad and grilled vegetables are naturally GF. Beside being GF we never use or purchase product with MSG. The kicker is we just came up with a wonderful Gluten Free Fish and Chip that is not sacrificing taste, in fact some of my staff and customers like it better than the regular Panko crusted cod.  You will have to make that decision for yourself.