Whether he is a foodie or just appreciates fine cuisine, food lovers are grateful for good eats and gifts of good wine year-round. Foodie gift ideas can be difficult to find, since he probably already has every gourmet treat, kitchen gadget, and cookbook in the world. Here are a few gift ideas for the foodie on your list. They will love these! The gift may be unexpected or something completely unexpected, but the recipient will be thrilled with any gift!

Always Pan

Whether your food lover is a home cook or loves to entertain, the Always Pan will be appreciated. Unlike traditional frying pans, this versatile cookware comes with a non-stick coating that helps you make delicious meals in a fraction of the time. Plus, it’s compatible with most cooktops and has multiple cooking functions. You can gift an Always Pan to a food lover on any occasion – even to your family members and friends!

Brightland Olive Oil

If you’re looking for a food lover gift idea, consider Brightland Olive Oil. The company’s founder was dismayed to find so many inferior oils in the market. The olives for this oil are grown on a family-run farm in California, and are cold-pressed within 90 minutes of harvest. The company makes four different kinds of olive oil, including extra virgin and infused. Each flavor has its own unique label design.

Quality pizza oven

If your loved one is a food lover, you should buy a quality pizza oven as a gift. This stylish, portable gas-powered oven creates the perfect pie every time. Plus, it’s the perfect size for a DIY pizza party! You can also use this oven to bake other dishes like flatbreads. Brightland olive oil is another hot trend in cooking, so your recipient is sure to love it!

Mionetto Prosseco

Whether the recipient is a wine enthusiast, foodie, or both, a bottle of Mionetto Prosseco makes a fantastic gift. This versatile Italian wine was first made in 1887 and is made on the best vineyards in Valdobbiadene. It has a distinct balance of tradition and innovation. Mionetto has earned the designation of DOCG (Denominated Origin of Complementary Winery) Prosecco.

Fly by Jing’s chili crisp

If your loved one enjoys spicy dishes, you can try Fly by Jing’s chili crisp. This Chinese condiment is a unique and delicious way to top noodles or fried eggs. In addition to chili, this crunchy snack contains garlic and Sichuan peppercorns. If your recipient loves spicy foods, he or she will surely enjoy Fly by Jing’s chili crisp as a gift idea.

Fly by Jing’s zester

If you’re looking for foodie gift ideas, try a set of potent spice blends or a chili crisp. The Chile Crisp is gaining popularity among the general public and cult-followers, as has the zester. Fly by Jing, a company founded by Chengdu-based chef Jing Gao, offers many staples for the kitchen, including a zester and a spice mill.

Freshe tinned meals

When shopping for gift ideas for a food lover, consider tinned meals. Freshe tinned meals are made with all-natural ingredients in a BPA-free tin, and are packed with hearty vegetables and certified sustainable protein. With ingredients that include antioxidant-rich vegetables, omega-3 fatty acids, and fiber, Freshe meals are a delicious option.

Uber Eats gift card

An Uber Eats gift card is an ideal gift idea for a food lover on any occasion. They can use it to order any meal, including six pies from Lou Malnati’s. You can also use the card to purchase Twitch or Netflix Gift Cards. You can also personalize the card with a message. The recipient will be sure to love this unique gift! But how do you get an Uber Eats gift card for a food lover?